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Water Well Registration

The District registers water wells to develop and maintain an inventory of water wells within its jurisdiction.  In addition to the location of specific water wells, the inventory is used to track the construction details (when available), grandfathered status, exemption status, and operational status of each water well.  The well inventory serves as the foundation for the District's efforts to gather and assemble aquifer monitoring information such as water level measurements and water quality information.  ​The District continually updates the well inventory with corrections and additions of new wells.

Contact Mike Benavides, Compliance Specialist to discuss matters related to water well registration at:

  • phone: (361)579-6863
  • email:



Applications to Register a Well can be submitted by:

  1. completing an electronic report using the ELECTRONIC APPLICATION TO REGISTER A WELL FORM (recommended);
  2. emailing a scanned hard-copy of the complete application to;
  3. mailing a hard-copy of the complete application to VCGCD, 2805 N. Navarro St., Ste 210, Victoria, Texas 77901, or
  4. delivering a hard-copy of the complete application to the District at 2805 N. Navarro St., Ste 210, Victoria, Texas 77901.

Upon completion and submittal, an electronic copy of the application will be forwarded to the confirmation email address, if provided by the user.



Any person drilling a water well must provide the district with written notice of intent to drill a well before the start of drilling activities.  A guidance document, a blank Notice of Intent to Drill a Well (NIDW Form), and a blank Application to Register a Well (ARW Form) have been assembled in the New Well Packet.

Well drillers are encouraged to submit completed Notice of Intent to Drill a Well (i.e., NIDW Form) to the district by email at and retain a copy of the submitted form for their records. 



Water well logs, also known as driller's logs and well reports, that have been submitted electronically by well drillers can be viewed and downloaded from a system maintained by the Texas Water Development Board.  The system enables users to search for logs in a variety of methods including map-based searches and advanced text queries.
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