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Map of Victoria County

Access to the Google Map below is provided to assist permit applicants with identifying latitude and longitude coordinates for the subject well site of an application.  After zooming the map into the subject well site, the user can click on the "View larger map" link to open the map on the Google Map Website.  The Google Map Website can be used to identify coordinates and produce a map with the coordinates displayed.  

Example Map


Steps to Produce a Google Map with Latitude and Longitude​:

  1. Zoom the map to the location of the subject well site.
  2. Click on the "View larger map" link. (This will open a new tab for Google Maps focused on the subject well site.)
  3. On the new tab, click on the map at the location of the subject well site. (This will place a gray marker on the map and display a hyperlink with the coordinate of the subject well site.)
  4. Click on the coordinate hyperlink to produce the printable page that contains the map with coordinates displayed.
  5. Print the Google Map Webpage.
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