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Groundwater Research

The District participates in and sponsors projects and research efforts, from time to time, to improve the understanding of the groundwater resources within the jurisdiction of the District.

Contact Tim Andruss, General Manager to discuss matters related to groundwater research at:

  • phone: (361) 579-6863
  • email:


Below is a selection of reports relevant to the conservation and protection of groundwater resources within the jurisdiction of the District: 


Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR)

Summary Report for Development of Regional Plan for ASR and Off-Channel Storage in Golden Crescent Region of Texas - Arcadis

Victoria Aquifer Storage and Recovery Demonstration Project - Arcadis: PDF

Investigations Regarding the Design and Management of Aquifer Storage and Recovery Operations in Victoria County - Intera Inc.


Brackish Groundwater

Characterization of Brackish Groundwater Resources in Victoria Texas - Intera IncDeep Brackish Groundwater Development Rule Framework - Intera IncDeep Saline Groundwater Development Rule Narrative - Intera IncReview of Brackish Groundwater Resource Characterization Report - V. Uddameri



Estimates of Land Subsidence in GMA 15 Based on Ground Surface Elevation Data and Model Results - Intera Inc:Options for Monitoring Land Subsidence Data in Victoria County, Texas - Intera Inc.


Groundwater / Surface Water Interactions

Streamflow, Groundwater Hydrology, and Water Quality in Upper Coleto Creek Watershed in Southeast Texas - SIR 2011-5157 - USGS


Well Completion

Summary of Well Completion Issues and Analysis - Pastor, Behling, and Wheeler, LLC


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