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Water Well Permitting

The District manages the production of groundwater within the county in order to protect, preserve, conserve, and prevent waste of the groundwater resource as well as control or prevent subsidence while seeking to maintain the economic viability of all groundwater user groups, public and private.

The District issues the following types of permits:

  • Historic Use Protection Permits
  • Standard-Capacity Non-Historic Use Production Permits
  • High-Capacity Non-Historic Use Production Permits
  • Deep-Saline Non-Historic Use Production Permits
  • Tranfer Permits

Contact Mike Benavides, Compliance Specialist to discuss matters related to permitting at:

  • phone: (361)579-6863
  • email:


January 24, 2023  - Drilling Permits and Notices of Intent to Drill Wells

Drilling permits are no longer required to drill water wells within Victoria County.  However, any person drilling a water well must provide the district with written notice of intent to drill a well before the start of drilling activities. A guidance document, a blank Notice of Intent to Drill a Well (NIDW Form), and a blank Application to Register a Well (ARW Form) have been assembled in the New Well Packet.

Well drillers are encouraged to submit completed Notice of Intent to Drill a Well (i.e., NIDW Form) to the district by email at and retain a copy of the submitted form for their records. 

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