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Particpation in the Monitoring Program

Maintaining voluntary access to water wells distributed throughout the county and water wells previously used to measure groundwater conditions is critical to accurately assessing current conditions as well as making accurate comparisons to historical groundwater assessments.

The district is primarily interested in collecting aquifer monitoring measurements from water wells with known depth and well screening information, an operational water well pump, and an unused access port on the well seal of the well.

Well owners who are willing to allow the District to collect measurements from their wells are encouraged to contact the district.  Well owners may initiate the process for requesting inclusion in the aquifer monitoring program by submitting to the District the following forms: 

Application to Request Inclusion in the Aquifer Monitoring Program (ARAM Form) Authorization to Enter Property (AEP Form)


Well owners that have granted access to the District to enter a property may revoke the authorization by submitting to the District the following form: 

Revocation of Authorization to Enter Property (RAEP Form) 


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